Inno Tab Review

I bought my daughter the vetch inno tab as a christmas gift and i fell in love the inno tab offers almost everything the leap pad tablet  does expect for the fact that it doesnt have a built in .  One of the pros it has a slot for an sd card so that you can add memory meaning you can add movies ( avi Format) and music ( only through learning lodge ) I for one am having trouble adding music to my daughters inno tab  but other than that it works fine and is a great durable toy for your child. the graphics are great  i just wish vtech had more cartridges for the 4-year-old age group i also love the fact that it has downloadable apps just like the leap pad and motion games i havent found any motion games yet for the leap pad either by  downloadable app or cartridge.

my Overall opinion : yes i would reccomend this to a Family member or friend


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