OxyRub Muscle Pain Relief + 20% Off Coupon Code

I came across a brilliant new product called OxyRub I constantly wake up with my back achy and the pain doesn’t settle well into my day and before I know it here comes bed time and here comes the pain all over again I received a full sized bottle of Oxyrub to try my first instinct was to smell it because I hate  having the menthol smell especially since Im only 27 I cant go to bed to my husband smelling like an elderly home lol. The OxyRub smells pretty good actually and once rubbed on you cant even notice you have any muscle pain rub on

I tried it first thing in the morning when I woke up and my achy back was relived with in minutes honestly i was shocked since it didnt have a strong odor I truly thought that it wouldnt work.
Two days later i decided to try it before I went to bed , When i woke up the next morning I felt great i could bend, twist, stretch and not feel a bit of pain so i now tend to put it it before bed especially on those night the kids creep in my bed OxyRub comes in handy because on those nights i really dont get to rest my back properly.

Oxyrub is not just for back pain my husband woke up with a stiff neck i was quick to put OxyRub on it since I had such good results with it he also felt quick relief

Luckily for my awesome readers I have a 20% of coupon code for you to have fast acting Muscle pain relief

Simply click on the link below and enter code: SAVEOXY2 at check out.


here is a picture of the exact bottle that I tried


If you would like more information on OxyRub Please go to http://www.healthydirections.com/product/oxyrub

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