Bonafide Baby Breast Milk storage Bags

Im totally in love with these milk storage bags honestly when I first received them at first sight I thought they looked kind of cheap and not a quality product but once i actually used I was amazed the seal on these bags is not like any other milk storage bag i have used even my husband agrees with me . once you have pumped and poured your milk in the bag and seal you can really feel the secure seal and best of all the material the acutal bag is made out of this pretty thick I felt really confident storing my milk in this bag i really do like that it come with a mark to write down the date on the bag . the marker dries pretty quick so it doesnt smudge as you are writing the date I have had milk in the freezer for two weeks now the writing is still visible and no leaks from the actual bag its self I even and a bag in the freezer upside down and no leaks I received these bags for free for my honest review and now im a loyal fan this are truly great quality for a great value

here is a picture of the products i received

IMAG0186  IMAG0185


for more info please click


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