Bonafide Baby Breast Milk storage Bags

Im totally in love with these milk storage bags honestly when I first received them at first sight I thought they looked kind of cheap and not a quality product but once i actually used I was amazed the seal on these bags is not like any other milk storage bag i have used even my husband agrees with me . once you have pumped and poured your milk in the bag and seal you can really feel the secure seal and best of all the material the acutal bag is made out of this pretty thick I felt really confident storing my milk in this bag i really do like that it come with a mark to write down the date on the bag . the marker dries pretty quick so it doesnt smudge as you are writing the date I have had milk in the freezer for two weeks now the writing is still visible and no leaks from the actual bag its self I even and a bag in the freezer upside down and no leaks I received these bags for free for my honest review and now im a loyal fan this are truly great quality for a great value

here is a picture of the products i received

IMAG0186  IMAG0185


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Show off your Summer Skin Routine For A Chance To Win a Exuviance Daily Protector SPF 50

Exuviance is giving away a full size Sheer Daily Protector SPF 50 (a $42 value!) to 25 lucky winners. US only please.
All you have to do is simply click the link below to enter to win
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Exuviance Daily Protector SPF 50
is a weightless fluid blends effortlessly on clean skin, or layered under makeup in a daily skincare routine. Broad spectrum SPF 50 protects against photodamage, the primary cause of signs of aging. An ultra-fine transparent mineral sunscreen in a virtually invisible universal tint smoothes imperfections and helps natural skin tone appear more even.Multi-Antioxidants Vitamin E and Lactobionic Acid fortify skin’s natural defense, scavenging free radicals brought on by daily environmental aggressors before they can cause premature aging. A PHA/Bionic complex helps prevent collagen breakdown to maintain a healthy skin matrix and firmness, and helps prevent signs of photoaging such as lines and wrinkles. A highly purified and concentrated form of Green Tea Extract reduces cell breakdown and helps protect cellular DNA for healthy skin. PA++++ highest level of UVA protection.

Suitable for all skin types. Product is fragrance-free, paraben-free and oil-free as well as non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic.

Learn About the Brand and get more details on the product at

Dont forget to share why you wear an SPF every day on social media tagging @neostrataskin on Twitter and @exuviance on Instagram

Good Luck To EveryOne

OxyRub Muscle Pain Relief + 20% Off Coupon Code

I came across a brilliant new product called OxyRub I constantly wake up with my back achy and the pain doesn’t settle well into my day and before I know it here comes bed time and here comes the pain all over again I received a full sized bottle of Oxyrub to try my first instinct was to smell it because I hate  having the menthol smell especially since Im only 27 I cant go to bed to my husband smelling like an elderly home lol. The OxyRub smells pretty good actually and once rubbed on you cant even notice you have any muscle pain rub on

I tried it first thing in the morning when I woke up and my achy back was relived with in minutes honestly i was shocked since it didnt have a strong odor I truly thought that it wouldnt work.
Two days later i decided to try it before I went to bed , When i woke up the next morning I felt great i could bend, twist, stretch and not feel a bit of pain so i now tend to put it it before bed especially on those night the kids creep in my bed OxyRub comes in handy because on those nights i really dont get to rest my back properly.

Oxyrub is not just for back pain my husband woke up with a stiff neck i was quick to put OxyRub on it since I had such good results with it he also felt quick relief

Luckily for my awesome readers I have a 20% of coupon code for you to have fast acting Muscle pain relief

Simply click on the link below and enter code: SAVEOXY2 at check out.

here is a picture of the exact bottle that I tried


If you would like more information on OxyRub Please go to

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Oz Naturals Amazing Serum

While searching the web looking for some new beauty products to try I came across Oz Naturals. I agreed to try their vitamin C + vitamin E Serum for free in exchange for my honest review, Of course I did my research and OZ Naturals  Just happens to be one of the top brands for natural beauty products in its industry.

The serum its self is nice and thick and has a nice little hint of a natural green smell to it I washed my face as I normally do and simply added the serum to my face after my face was cleaned and dry once I only needed two medium sized drops to cover my whole face almost instantly after the serum dried on my face I noticed my face had a nice healthy glow to it and felt extra soft I  honestly couldn't stop touching my face because it was that soft.

The true test was when I woke up the next morning  my face still had that healthy glow and still was amazingly soft but I also noticed some of the acne I seemed to be suffering from the night before was gone to. I started using Oz Naturals  nightly  Now that it has been a few days in my skin looks amazing and still is soft and with each day that passes I have less and less acne. I have for sure added this to my daily regimen. for more information and try Oz Naturals for yourself click the link Below   

Here is a picture of the serum that I tired if you would like to try the same one
Revive Serums

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